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FREE Puppy Pre-School
For Puppies Under 12 Weeks

Beacon Dog Training runs a free two week Puppy Pre-School for any puppy under 12 weeks of age.

Designed as a prequel to Puppy School, this course can be attended with or without your puppy. Learn how to best set your puppy up for success in their early life, and help them grow into a confident, happy and well behaved adult dog that is a joy to live with.

Course Outline



Toilet Training


Home Alone Training (Preventing separation anxiety)


Crate & Confinement Training


Avoid Chewing & Destructive Behaviours


Socialisation & Handling


Body Language & Play

You can enrol by clicking the button below to be taken to a list of our scheduled, upcoming classes, then scrolling down to select the class of your choice.

If you require assistance enrolling please contact our office at [email protected] or 0473 404 378

How To Enrol


If you're a dedicated puppy parent who wants to ensure your puppy gets the possible start, check out our Premium Puppy Packages.

Want the very best?


Why Is It Free?

Beacon’s Puppy Pre-School is 100% free with absolutely no hidden catches or obligations. After your course is finished you are welcome to continue on to our Puppy School program or go on your way with no strings attached.

We believe that once you’ve experienced the high level of knowledge, support and passion that Beacon Dog Training provides, you’ll choose to continue your puppy’s training with us.

This course is also designed to encourage owners to start their puppy’s education as early as possible. Too many owners wait until after their dog has received all their vaccinations to start classes, which can lead to them developing behavioural problems resulting from missing a crucial developmental phase that closes at around 12 weeks. Because we are very strict about ensuring every dog on our grounds is healthy and fully vaccinated, puppies can start classes with us after just one vaccination.

If you are unsure about starting before your puppy has received all of their shots, we recommend taking a look at the article below by the internationally renowned organisation AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior). The article explains why starting as young as possible is so important, and addresses the issue of socialisation versus disease prevention. If you’re still unsure you are of course welcome to attend the sessions without your puppy.

Puppy already over 12 wks? Attend without them, or check out our Beacon Puppy School course.



Article On Starting Puppy School Before Vaccinations