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Beacon's Leash Manners Masterclass
For Dogs Of All Ages - $299 - 6 Weeks

Our Leash Manners Masterclass will show you how to train your dog to walk politely next to you on their leash, even around high level distractions like other dogs, people or interesting smells. If your dog pulls like a single minded locomotive the moment they step out the door, or they forget you exist when a distraction appears, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to transform them into a polite walking companion.

This course is best suited to dogs who have completed either Beacon Puppy School Part 2 or Beacon Essentials. If your dog hasn't completed a class with us before, please contact us to discuss which course will suit your dog best.

Course Outline

Canine learning theory & selecting reinforcers

Pros & cons of equipment options

Human leash handling skills

Return to heel position

Maintain heel position

Approaching or walking past distractions

Voluntary check ins

Walking around exciting people
Walking on distracting surfaces
Walking around other dogs
Strategies for long term consistency

You can enrol by clicking the button below to be taken to a list of our scheduled, upcoming classes, then scrolling down to select the class of your choice.

If you require assistance enrolling please contact our office at [email protected] or 0473 404 378

How To Enrol


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Course Includes

Detailed step-by-step homework sheets

Extra support outside of class, even after your dog has graduated

Access to Beacon Dog Training’s client-only library

Graduation certificate

Course Costs

This course costs $299.00 with our pre-paid discount, or $319.00 at full price. To qualify for the discounted price course fees must be paid in full at least one business day before your course commences.

Further discounts are available for clients signing up for multiple services through our Premium Puppy Packages.