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Course Outline

Why dogs become reactive & types of reactivity
Common mistakes to avoid
Beneficial lifestyle changes for reactive dogs
Canine learning theory and how dogs learn
Leash handling skills for reactive dogs
Changing how a dog feels about a trigger
Management techniques for reactive dogs
What to do when things don't go to plan
Attention and focus in distracting environments.

Reading body language & warning signs

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How To Enrol


This course is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. If your dog is reactive or aggressive towards people, please contact us before enrolling, as this course may not be suitable.

Who Is Eligible?

Course Includes

Detailed step-by-step homework sheets

Extra support outside of class, even after your dog has graduated

Access to Beacon Dog Training’s client-only library

Graduation certificate

Course Costs

This course costs $600.00 with our pre-paid discount, or $625.00 at full price. To qualify for the discounted price course fees must be paid in full at least one business day before your course commences.

Beacon's Reactive to Relaxed Course
For reactive, fearful, frustrated or overexcited dogs -$600

Our Reactive to Relaxed course is a seven week class designed for dogs who are reactive, fearful or overexcited. If your dog barks, growls or lunges towards other dogs, or pulls relentlessly to meet other dogs, Reactive to Relaxed is the perfect choice.

Through precise application of scientific principles, we will work with you and your dog to change their underlying emotional response to their triggers, so that they feel happy and relaxed rather than over excited, frustrated, or frightened. Our goal is long term behaviour change, not short term suppression of surface level symptoms.

We will work at your dog's pace, with all dogs kept sub-threshold in individual pens. Our experienced instructors will help ensure that classes are enjoyable and low stress for both you and your dog.

While this course is designed to help dogs who are reactive towards other dogs, it may be suitable for work on other triggers, such as cars, skateboards, bikes, prams, roller blades and so on. The course is not suitable for human reactive dogs, we recommend one on one training instead.